Le jeton Panaroma recevra un faible risque lors d’un audit à l’épreuve des fées-

fairyproof audit


Panaroma Token (PANA), a utility token specifically designed to serve as the backbone of the entire Panaroma Finance ecosystem, has received a low risk rating from Fairyproof. The company conducted an audit for the token where it was graded low risk after identifying some issues and vulnerabilities that were fixed by the Panaroma team.

Fairyproof, a blockchain auditing company, has conducted a Panaroma Token security audit where the token was graded low risk.

The Fairyproof team has developed industry security standards for designing and deploying blockchain applications. The company believes in the potential of blockchain technology to bring about social change and helps organizations implement it by auditing their code base and providing advice on how to mitigate risks.
Panaroma Token is a utility token specifically designed to serve as the backbone of the entire Panaroma Finance ecosystem. It is offering multiple utilities to its investors including but not limited to discounted trading fees, increased referral revenues, VIP trader benefits, increased API limits and many others.
The token was introduced by Panaroma Finance, a cryptocurrency exchange and a whole ecosystem of modern investment apps tailored to specific needs, built from the ground up to suit the needs of all participants in the cryptocurrency market. It was started with the goal of breaking all barriers that traders and investors face in cryptocurrency in terms of cost, customer support, and technology. 
To ensure the safety and security of our product, we hired Fairyproof to perform an audit on Panaroma Token’s codebase. The goal of the audit is to review code implementations, study potential security vulnerabilities, its general design and architecture, and uncover bugs that could compromise software in production.

The Fairyproof team of blockchain auditors has deep experience in analyzing smart contracts at all stages of development. They are able to identify potential issues during audits so developers can address those issues early on in development cycles.
During this audit, a few issues and vulnerabilities were uncovered by Fairyproof. Nevertheless, Panaroma Finance team was able to fix most of them and acknowledged the others. As a result, the token contract has been evaluated as « low risk ».