Panaroma Token


Panaroma Token (PANA) is ‘n nutstoken en ‘n ruggraat vir die Panaroma Finance-ekosisteem.

Token Utility

Afslag op Handelsfooie

Panaroma-token sal handelaars toelaat om meer as 95% fooiafslag op Panaroma Finance Platform vir verhandeling te kry.

Verhoogde verwysingsinkomste

Panaroma Token sal sy houers toelaat om vriende te verwys en kommissie te verdien op hul ambagte tot op die 10de vlak van verwysing.


Panaroma Token kan gebruik word om te dien as kollateraal teen termynposisies op nie-USD en USD termynhandel posisies.
VIP-voordele vir handelaars
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VIP Benefits for Traders

Enjoy the privileged services through a dedicated Relationship Manager and get early access to our upcoming products and new releases.

Buy & Burn

We will be repurchasing and burning tokens equal to 20% of fees generated on Trading on all markets and 5% of fees earned from other uses of the platform quarterly.

Merchant Offers

Panaroma Token holders enjoy curated, and vetted merchant offers by Panaroma Finance with discounts for all our users when you pay using Panaroma Token.

Debit Card

With the Panaroma Finance Debit Card, you can spend your favorite cryptocurrencies* at more than 60* million merchants worldwide anytime, anywhere.

Increased API Limits

Panaroma Token holders can get increased API limits allowing cancel orders and fetch private data without using your order placement rate limits.


Get exclusive access to FIX API solution to our Platform for High-Frequency Trading and create multiple solutions to connect with our platform.

Leveraged Listing Fees

Panaroma Token will be used as a mechanism to get listed and token holders will have the voting rights on the platform, empowering them to influence exchange and listing decisions.

Whitelabel Solutions

Entrepreneurs and Institutions have always expressed strong interest in building their own exchanges leveraging the infrastructure and partner network of Panaroma Finance and the cost will be paid in Panaroma Tokens.

Future Expansion

Panaroma Token is the backbone of the Panaroma Finance ecosystem. It will become even more powerful when we add other products to the platform creating a further boost for the ecosystem expansion.

Tokenomics in a nutshell

Panaroma Token is a native token of Panaroma Finance deployed on Polygon Blockchain.

Total Supply
0 Million
Targeted Supply After Coin Burn
0 Thousand

Token Distribution

Founders Token
0 %
Investor Token
0 %
Advisor Token
0 %
Team Token
0 %
Liquidity Lock Tokens
0 %
User Acquisition Fund
0 %
Private Sale
0 %
Public Sale
0 %

Token Auto Burn

A Deflationary Mechanism To Reduce Supply

We have designed a unique approach for Panorama Token burn process inspired by the halving model by understanding the dynamics of supply and price appreciation. We have created an organic burn process to occur via transactions where a set percentage defined at the checkpoint of the supply will burn by sending it to a smart contract which executes the burn of the token. The burn will continuously change its value until the set limit is been reached of 500,000 Panorama Tokens. The deflationary aspect design is set to continually accelerate as Panorama Token adoption grows.

500 Million To 250 Million

1.00 %

250 Million To 125 Million

0.80 %

125 Million To 62.50 Million

0.50 %

62.50 Million To 500 Thousand

0.20 %

Token Vesting Schedule

We have carefully designed our Token vesting schedule to protect our token investors and ecosystem.

Founder Tokens

24 months lock-up period thereafter 10% monthly release

Investor Tokens

12 months lock-up period thereafter 10% monthly release

Advisor Tokens

12 months lock-up period thereafter 10% monthly release

Team Tokens

12 months lock-up period thereafter 10% monthly release

Private Sale Tokens

10% at TGE, 3 months lock-up period thereafter 10% monthly release

Public Sale Tokens

10% at TGE, 1 month lock-up period thereafter 10% monthly release

Liquidity Locked Tokens

Panaroma Token is committed to promoting a healthy environment for all its investors and therefore we have committed to lock for a major part of our supply enabling instant liquidity to swap your tokens without creating a dependency and avoiding rug-pull situations.

Of Token Supply
0 %
Million PANA Tokens

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