Service Agreement


Prior to utilizing Panaroma Finance, please thoroughly review this documentation. By accessing this platform, you acknowledge your understanding of its operations and underlying protocols.

Panaroma Finance serves as a web-app interface facilitating users to interact with a decentralized protocol using their blockchain wallet. This enables users to mint Panaroma Finance and participate in liquidity provision. It is important to note that Panaroma Finance does not exert control over individual Panaroma vaults, the PANA token, or the liquidity pools available on the web-app. Users are solely responsible for assessing the advantages and risks associated with utilizing Panaroma Finance.

Projected return rates and token prices provided are estimations and should not be construed as guarantees.

Panaroma Finance bears no responsibility for any loss of assets incurred by users or for any discrepancy between projected and realized profits resulting from its usage.

Continuity of Panaroma Finance service and its functionalities are not guaranteed.

The reliability of any blockchain utilized by Panaroma Finance, as well as any third-party services, cannot be assured.

Development and updates of the QiDao Protocol are intended to be governed by a decentralized voting system; however, neither developers nor governance participants of the QiDao Protocol assume any liability for any aspect of the protocol.

Smart contract code utilized within Panaroma Finance may be susceptible to vulnerabilities, thereby exposing users to the risk of asset loss through hacks and exploits exploiting these vulnerabilities.