Service Agreement


Before utilizing the Panaroma Wallet App, please carefully review this documentation. By accessing and using this application, you acknowledge your understanding of its functionalities and agree to abide by the terms outlined herein.

The Panaroma Wallet App serves as a mobile interface designed to facilitate secure storage, management, and transfer of digital assets. Users should be aware that the Panaroma Wallet App does not have control over the underlying blockchain networks or the behavior of other users within the ecosystem. It is the user’s responsibility to exercise caution and diligence when using the app.

Projected performance metrics and asset values provided within the Panaroma Wallet App are estimations and should not be construed as guarantees.

Panaroma Wallet App holds no liability for any loss of assets incurred by users or for any discrepancies between projected and realized performance resulting from its usage.

The continuity of Panaroma Wallet App’s services and functionalities cannot be guaranteed.

The reliability of any blockchain networks or third-party services integrated into the Panaroma Wallet App cannot be assured.

While Panaroma Wallet App developers strive to ensure its security and functionality, they do not assume liability for any potential vulnerabilities or issues arising from its usage.

Users should be aware that digital asset transactions conducted through the Panaroma Wallet App may be irreversible, and they should exercise caution when transferring assets.

By using the Panaroma Wallet App, users acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with digital asset management and agree to hold harmless the Panaroma Wallet App and its developers from any liability arising from its usage.