Service Agreement


Before engaging with Pana Token, please carefully review this documentation. By utilizing this token, you acknowledge your understanding of its functionalities and underlying protocols.

Pana Token is a digital asset operating on blockchain technology, designed to facilitate various transactions and interactions within its ecosystem. Users should note that Pana Token does not possess control over individual transactions or the behavior of other users within the ecosystem. It is the user’s responsibility to assess the benefits and risks associated with interacting with Pana Token.

Projected token values and utility provided are estimations and should not be interpreted as guarantees.

Pana Token holds no liability for any loss of assets incurred by users or for any disparity between projected and realized benefits resulting from its usage.

The continuity of Pana Token’s services and functionalities cannot be guaranteed.

The reliability of any blockchain technology utilized by Pana Token, as well as any third-party services integrated into its ecosystem, cannot be assured.

Pana Token’s development and updates aim to enhance its features and security; however, developers do not assume any liability for any aspect of the token’s performance.

Smart contract code associated with Pana Token may be vulnerable to exploits, potentially resulting in asset loss. Users should be aware of and mitigate these risks when interacting with Pana Token.